destiny living

Receiving God’s Heart For Your Purpose-Filled Potential

Destiny Living Series Overview

Unit One

Beginning Your Destiny Journey

  • Understanding the background from which Destiny Living evolved
  • Understanding the background from which Destiny Living evolved
  • Overviewing learning content and program flow
  • Defining foundational principles for living in God’s destiny for you
  • Revealing the Destiny diagram for encountering abundant life
  • Experiencing an expanded view of the essence of God

Unit Two

Defining Your Destiny

  • Defining the foundations for your Destiny
  • Understanding the nature of potential; what it is and where it comes from
  • Recognizing the realms of influence that shape your journey
  • Seeing how self-belief impacts the size of your dreams and the accomplishment of your goals
  • Valuing how placed responsibility and accountability changes outcomes
  • Identifying Destiny areas for growth and concentration

Unit Three

Pursuing Purpose, Potential & Performance

  • Distinguishing three ways we often attempt change
  • Mapping how to create effective and successful change
  • Outlining the seven steps necessary for sustaining growth and development

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