Equipping the body of Christ for worship, study, service, and small groups is a constant challenge in our fast-paced, increasingly changing world. Aligning godly leaders with effective strategies and adaptive mindsets is critical for maintaining engaging cultures where people grow and thrive.

Leadership Development

With the complexities of today’s climate and cultural issues, transformational leadership has never been more paramount if the church is to be relevant in disciplining people and impacting society. The ability to transcend differences that distinguish and divide us and connect us at a common core requires leadership mindsets and behaviors that inspire, influence, and engage others.

Leadership assessment tools, mindset education, and coaching help leaders and their teams identify barriers to alignment and levers for growth so exceptional teams and engaged communities can flourish together.



Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a process and formal document that outlines the direction the church is heading and how it plans to get there. It communicates the mission, vision, values, goals, and action plans necessary so leadership and church members can energize around specific objectives. Human beings require vision – the mind thinks in pictures. And without a vivid picture, people tend to make up their own or feel disconnected and confused.

Effectively managing and communicating the direction of the church through strategic planning gives members a mission to rally around. It builds identity, community, common cause, and a culture of ministry engagement.


Sample List of Retreats, Conferences, and Trainings

Christian Business Women’s Fellowship

Community Evangelical Free Church

Mechanicsburg Brethren in Christ

York First Church of the Brethren

First Church United Methodist

Christian Life Assembly

Teaching Transformational Faith

For decades, Doreen has had the amazing privilege to cross sectors and boundaries to preach, teach, train, retreat, conference, and keynote to leaders of nations, Fortune 500 businesses, international women’s groups, churches, and associations. Her teaching leads others to a transformational faith as they learn how to renew their mind and live in the identity, inheritance, and authority Christ so freely and lovingly purchased for them.


Products for Churches


From Potential To Performance

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Join Doreen Lecheler, author, coach, and high-performance consultant, for 30 days of unleashing your God-given potential into meaningful performance. You choose where you want to grow. Then each day, Doreen will guide you with inspirational stories, scientific, mind setting principles, and reflective activities designed to develop your next-level living.

For decades, Doreen has shared this information with successful athletes, Fortune 500 companies, CEO’s, and late-stage cancer patients to help them manage their mind to create their future.

In this amazing New Year’s opportunity, Doreen will share these same tools with you. This is a limited time/limited group invitation open to 19 registrants on a first-come-first-serve basis.

Beginning January 25, Participants will Receive:

  • Private Facebook group access
  • 30 days of online, 10-minute coaching lessons
  • Participant notebook (mailed directly to you)
  • Weekly group chats
  • Final, 30-minute Zoom call with Doreen

For the incredible price of $20.21 (incl shipping), you can receive high-performance tools to manage your future rather than having your future manage you. Register Here with purchase –  registration closes on January 17th.

The Influence Zone – Leadership Intelligence That Ignites Results

Inspirational leadership is a learnable skill. Whether it’s in your home, church and/or civic organizations, community, or business, THE INFLUENCE ZONE will help you uncover and integrate leadership intelligence that connects you to the heart of motivating others.

“You can’t walk in the fullness of your destiny if you don’t know the truth of your identity. When you unveil your limiting beliefs and learn how to align your thinking with the mind of Christ, you experience the treasures of abundant life!” - Doreen Lecheler

Contact Doreen to customize preaching, retreats, workshops, or conferences for your group.

With expertise in the mind, potential, and human behavior, as well as the eternal promises of God found in Christ Jesus, Doreen delivers compelling content that helps people connect thinking, faith, action, and outcomes.

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